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OpenServer code

Simple Open Server is an extension for
Petroleum Experts' Open Server that lets you
do much more with fewer lines of code.

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Writing functions in SimpleOpenServer
is this simple.

Dim MyCalc as New prosperCalculation

With MyCalc
  .calculationType = System
  .setVar [Reservoir Pressure], 2500

  [F2] = .find(valueOf:=[Top Node Pressure], _
             thatMakes:=[Liquid Rate], _
               equalTo:=2500, _
          betweenValue:=300, _
End With



Write code faster, and without mistakes. You write, VBA completes for you. No access strings required.

10+ built-in functions

Regressions, matching, vector functions

Semantic Writing

The simplified syntax is easier to debug, check, understand and share.

100% Excel-Friendly

SimpleOpenServer is written in VBA, so it can be used in any of your Excel worksheets.