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Below are all the examples available. Each example has, usually, an auxiliary file that you can download in the downloads section.

Quick Tour

This article goes trough the Getting Started example, only faster.

Getting Curves from Prosper calculations

In this example, you will learn how to obtain curves from the PROSPER calculations, using the Vector Object, and some of the methods that will make your life easier.

Why is setVar better than doSet?

This example shows the main differences between using the traditional openserver doSet command, versus the ProsperCalculation method setVar. The objective of both methods is the same, but the end result is very different.

Using the find Function

In this example, the Find regression function is explained together with an auxiliary wroksheet to show some of the possibilities.

Getting Started

This example is an introduction to this programming deck. In it, you will be guided through the basic elements and methods you can use in Simple OpenServer.

Gradient Calculation

How to make and handle gradient calculations using Simple OpenServer.

IPR curve matching

How to match IPR curves by changing Skin factor (or other parameter) to a set of points using the match function

Gradient curve matching

How to find the well rate that matches a set of measured pressure points (useful for well rate estimation) using the match function