Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenServer?

OpenServer is a connection library. It allows the engineers to write routines that will connect to Petroleum Experts software (e.g. PROSPER, GAP, or PVTP). Using these routines, you can load data to the models, make calculations in the models, and get the result values out of the models. Automatically. Basically, you can use the Well, Reservoir and Surface Network models as really complex calculators.

OpenServer will let you write routines, for example, in VBA. As Excel Macros are written in VBA, OpenServer quickly became popular as a connection method between Excel and Petroleum Experts software.

Why SimpleOpenServer?

OpenServer is really powerful, but is lacking much functionality that will most surely be needed by the user. Some common calculation aspects, such as regression, are not built-in, and thus need to be coded by the user every time.

SimpleOpenServer tries to bridge that gap by providing extra functionality that makes Open Server code simpler and more powerful, enabling the user to take advantage of different calculation techniques which are already built-in. It has been written in a pragmatic way, looking to overcome real engineering challenges that automation can help to solve.

Hopefully, SimpleOpenServer can help users create better workflows in a simpler way.

How can I get SimpleOpenServer?

Head to the Downloads section, where you can obtain the download link for any of the available Demo files or OpenServer builds.

Can I use SimpleOpenServer for commercial products?

The short answer is: not without authorization. Read the License for more details, or email me if you have any doubts.

I want to use SimpleOpenServer with my Databases. Is that possible?

In that case, the VBA build of SimpleOpenServer is not the best choice. Email me to discuss the possibilities. The non-VBA version of SimpleOpenServer is also available.

Who is behind SimpleOpenServer?

SimpleOpenServer is developed and maintained by Patricio Panichelli, with the support of IFM-Solutions.