Simple OpenServer helps you create
engineering workflows
that integrate Prosper and Excel.

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It is written in VBA
so it can be used in any
Excel spreadsheet.

It has a useful object called


which does all the work for you.

Just create a new calculation object:

Dim myCalc as New ProsperCalculation

and you are good to go.

You can make IPR/VLP calculations

myCalc.calculationType = System


Or calculate Gradient curves

myCalc.calculationType = Gradient


Or just IPR, or just VLP!

myCalc.calculationType = Inflow

myCalc.calculationType = VLP

Actually, just type and the options will appear.

Then, get the solution results:

Range("C1") = myCalc.solution([Q Liquid])

Range("C2") = myCalc.solution([Bottomhole Pressure])

You can always see the options while you type.

Or obtain the whole curve, if you like:

Set temp_Grad = myCalc.vector(Temperature)

... and you got the temperature gradient curve.

Simple OpenServer comes packed
with lots of extra functions
that take everything to a whole new level

You can run regressions:

myCalc.find(valueOf:=[Top Node Pressure], _
          thatMakes:=[Q Liquid], _
            equalTo:=5000, _
       betweenValue:=100, _

This will return the desired Wellhead Pressure to obtain aliquid rate of 5,000[BBL/d]

Or maximization algorithms:

myCalc.maximize(variable:=[Q Oil], _
              byChanging:=[Gaslift Casing Pressure], _
            betweenValue:=1000, _

To find the casing pressure that maximizes Oil in a Gas-Lifted well...

And curve matching routines:

myCalc.match(curve:= [IPR Pressure], _
          toPoints:= myTestPoints, _
        byChanging:= Skin, _
      betweenValue:= 0, _
          andValue:= 12)

That will find the Skin factor that matches a set of Test Points!

All this functions, come together with the

Vector object

(which will help you work with the calculated curves)

Printing curves in Excel is as simple as:

myIPR.printInCell [B5]

And interpolation is also built-in:

BHP = myIPR.Y(3500)

this code will find the BHP for a liquid rate of 3500

With this added functions,
not only the code becomes more powerful
but also cleaner, and easier to understand

Simple Openserver

Available for free download.
See examples to get started,
or read the full documentation.
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